birthday ring!


it's been a tradition in our house from the time our daughter turned one, & we wanted to share it with you!

these birthday rings are a beautiful way to celebrate your child's trip around the sun.  simply start with the wooden ring, a decoration, and a number. each year add a number and a new decoration. your child will look froward to getting out the birthday ring each year, even more than (dare we say it!) the birthday cake!

choose any number 1-10 and a decoration: sailboat, rocking horse, dolphin, butterfly, hedgehog, worm, ladybug, bee, moon, or locomotive.

the ring is made of natural, unstained wood, comes in 4 segments, and has 12 slots for numbers, decorations and candles. 

the numbers and decorations are made of wood stained with water-based dye. 

dimensions: ring: 9"; numbers: approx 3"; bee: 1 3/4"; ladybug: 3/4"; worm: 2"

* not intended as a toy. if used as a toy, ages 3 and up, please! each item is sold separately.

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