elastic patterns


a simple toy for complex learning.

create mandalas, patterns, geometric shapes and all sorts of stars with this set of everyday materials. set includes wooden base, 13 wooden pegs and an assortment of muticolored rubber elastics. comes packed inside a muslin bag for handy transport to restaurants, car or pane trips or anyplace you need to keep small people engaged (without resorting to something that beeps and has a light-up screen!).

can also be played as a game - take turns adding to or changing the patterns or make it more challenging and create your own rules (blue bands have to touch 3 pegs, reds must be symmetrical, etc.)

base is approximately 5" across and comes pre-drilled to accept the 13 wooden pegs. please note that the rubber bands are not included!

contains small parts! best for ages 6 and up!


in the press: swiss miss

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