sew & knit valise


an old school knitting and sewing kit to inspire you and your little ones.

generations of grandméres have shared kits just like these! all you'll ever need to captivate crafty kids.

high quality, beautifully packaged materials and tools: a pair of wooden knitting needles, wonderful wooden knitting mushroom, crotchet & sewing needles, scissors, thimble, tape measure, buttons, assorted cotton pieces, 6 wool skeins, several colors of embroidery thread and instructions to get started.

gorgeously packed inside a vintage-style fibreboard valise with sturdy handle. wonderful products like these inspire kids to appreciate detail and take care of their special things.

common sense caution: contains fully functional sharp needles and tools! intended for use by older children or with adult supervision

approximate dimensions of case: 10"w x 7 1/2"h x 3 1/2"d


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