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wooden dinos

the dinosaur age is back, and it's adorable!

these smiling dinos will provide hours of creative play, beautifully adorn the playroom and inspire future paleontologists! ROMP's resident 5 year old is already obsessed (see photo below of the dinos assembled at Maggie's "watering hole" otherwise known as our dog's frisbee!).

choose from 4: brachiosaurus (grayish blue with green spots),  T-rex (tan with burgundy stripes), triceratops (green with brown leg stripes) and parasaurolophus (rust colored with deep blue spots).

these wooden dinos were created by a family in Indiana and are made from sustainably harvested wood, AP Certified non-toxic paint, and a homemade natural wood polish made from beeswax, jojoba oil, and essential oils. perfect and safe for little hands! 

dimensions: brachiosaurus: 7.25" tall; T-rex: 6" tall; triceratops: 4.25" tall; parasaurolophus: 4" tall.

tell me when this item is back in stock. . .


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