little jetsetter

a journey of its own. this set includes a world traveller's multipurpose carry-all, a deck-full of creativity and a wooden camera to capture those special moments. perfect for a journey across the ocean or just across the street. provides endless opportunities for a child to capture and create memories for a lifetime. 

the details:

wood camera

a wonderful combination of elegance and simplicity - these beautifully crafted cameras feature a movable lens, see-thru view finder and sturdy nylon cord for toting about. 

lovingly handmade and finished with non-toxic oil. 5"w x 1 1/2"d x 4"h

the little satchel

this purple corduroy satchel will be the best part of getting ready to go to school or away on a trip. lovingly detailed with a cherry zipper, whimsical fabric and a cheery turquoise interior. adorable and chic! hand-me-down quality--every little girl in your family will want to carry it!

there is a zippered pocket on the interior as well as a zippered pocket on the front flap.  

dimensions: 9 3/4"w x 8"t; adjustable shoulder strap is approximately 34"long.

52 activity cards - things to do on a plane

we love these cards! they're an endless source of fun and are super-duper boredom fighters!

all sorts of creative ideas to make and do: make a flip book, go on a blindfold tour of your house, create a family time capsule, master tongue twisters and riddles, etc, etc and etc!

each card has detailed instructions, but leaves plenty of room for creativity. great for the time waiting to board or once on plane, games & puzzles perfect for small spaces


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