52 activities cards

we love these cards! they're an endless source of fun and are super-duper boredom fighters!

all sorts of creative ideas to make and do: make a flip book, go on a blindfold tour of your house, create a family time capsule, master tongue twisters and riddles, etc, etc and etc!

each card has detailed instructions, but leaves plenty of room for creativity.

sanity-savers for house-bound afternoons or give them as a gift (a not so subtle way to remind family and friends that there's life beyond the wii!)

choose from: things to do on a plane - great for the time waiting to board or once on plane, games & puzzles perfect for small spaces. boredom busters - activites that are so much fun you'lll forget you were bored. rainy day activities - endless fun inside while it's rainy outside.


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