Kellie Martin is probably still most fondly remembered for her work as ‘Becca Thacher’ in the ABC series Life Goes On for which she received an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress.  From there, Martin played the title role in CBS’ drama Christy.  She also played medical student “Lucy Knight” on NBC’s ER from 1998-2000.  Her most recent series was the Hallmark Channel’s Mystery Woman from 2005-2007.

Martin’s television movie credits include Lifetime Television’s Secret Past and Live Once, Die Twice; CBS’ About Sarah, the story of an aspiring medical student with a developmentally disabled mother; ABC’s Breaking Free, in which she played a young deaf woman who flees her abusive parents; NBC’s Her Last Chance, a drama about a teenager’s struggle to stay sober after rehab; Lifetime Television’s Hidden in Silence, a critically-acclaimed drama about a young woman who saves thirteen Jews from certain death during the Holocaust; and A Friend To Die For, which ranked as the fourth highest television movie for the 1994-1995 season.

Among her feature film credits are Open House, Malibu’s Most Wanted, A Goofy Movie, Matinee, Troop Beverly Hills.

In 1999, Martin took on a new role as national spokesperson for the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA).  Drawing on her family’s experience (her sister Heather passed away at age 19 from complications of a misdiagnosed case of lupus), Martin works to raise awareness for autoimmune diseas
In 2001, Martin graduated from Yale University with a degree in art history.  In 2004 she was accepted to the AFI Directing Workshop for Women where she directed her first short film.  In 2005 and 2006 Martin directed two installments of Hallmark’s Mystery Woman.  Recently she was seen on season six of  “Army Wives” and  the Hallmark Channel movie “I Married Who?”.e as a major women’s health issue.  Among her activities: lobbying on Capitol Hill; participating in the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women 2000; and meeting with patients and family members to share her story.  In 2001, Reader’s Digest named Martin a national “Health Hero” on its cover; and a year later, Lifetime Television’s Intimate Portrait featured Martin and her work with AARDA.  In 2003 Martin was honored with the Michael Wayne Public Service Award by Lupus LA.

Martin co-authored MADAM:  A NOVEL OF NEW ORLEANS, which debuts February 2014 from Penguin/Plume.

She lives in Los Angeles and Montana with her husband and daughter.