Pals for Life

I still have my favorite stuffed animal from childhood.  He’s a raggedy, strange, little dog named Poppy.  He was (and is!) one of my most cherished possessions.  He was by my side all through childhood, and even when I went through tough times as an adult, there was Poppy, happy to listen and snuggle.  Yes, I did bring him to college with me.  Don’t act shocked, he learned a lot at Yale.

My daughter has a similar obsession with a little stuffed dog that she got at FAO Schwarz in NYC.  She is a little Dalmatian puppy named Ruff Ruff Stella Barkley (a grand name for a grand dog, n’est pas?).  Ruff Ruff is already looking a bit… er, rough, so I’m hoping she’ll survive until my kid needs her at college.  But in the event, that she get’s lost or loses her stuffing, it’s nice to know that her likeness has been forever captured in a beautiful portrait by First Friends.

It’s pretty brilliant, you just email photos of the favored stuffed animal, doll, blankie—heck, there’s even a few Matchbox cars up on the site—and Erin Chainani will create a hand-painted, framed portrait that your child can have forever.  It’s a brilliant gift for the child who really doesn’t need another toy.

Check out the site:

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